Home-Based Therapy

Behavior Solutions provides Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy within the familiar environment of children’s homes and communities. Each child receiving services from Behavior Solutions will work with a team of qualified individuals, including: a Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA), ABA Program Director, and several experienced tutors. Our staff’s background information is available on our Meet Our Staff page. Individualized therapy goals and curriculum will be developed to support the needs of your child. A behavioral treatment plan will also be developed to outline strategies to reinforce desirable behavior and reduce maladaptive behavior.

What does Home-Based Therapy look like?

Home-based therapy will look different in each home because every child’s programming is individually tailored to meet his or her specific needs. Tutoring sessions will likely include a combination of discrete teaching trials, incidental learning opportunities, facilitated play, functional communication training, gross- and fine-motor activities, social skills and self-help skills.

Community-Based Therapy

Behavior Solutions understands that therapy goals need to be targeted beyond the scope of your child’s home. Tutors are available to support your child in a variety of community-based activities. These can include swim lessons, soccer games, summer camps, grocery shopping, dining out, play dates, after-school activities, and family outings. Our goal is for your child to acquire skills and generalize those skills across a variety of settings and environments.

Family Group Activities

Behavior Solutions is pleased to organize and facilitate unique group activities. These monthly structured outings include the whole family! A tutor will meet your family at the designated community location and work individually with your child throughout the group experience. Group outings provide wonderful opportunities to target social skills, promote peer interactions, and generalize skills mastered in the home environment. Behavior Solutions has offered group events at the following locations: Post Family Farm, Grand Rapids Children’s Museum, Wyoming Library, Chuck E Cheese’s, Lowes, Frederick Meijer Gardens, Rockford Bowling and local beaches. The list continues to grow. Every month is a new adventure together.