What is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)?
ABA is an empirically validated approach to understanding behavior and how behavior is influenced by the environment in order to teach new skills and decrease problem behavior.
Are you accepting new referrals?

Yes, Behavior Solutions is currently accepting new referrals for home-based ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) services. Contact us today!

How soon can my child begin receiving services?

Once initial paperwork is completed and your insurance company has approved services, therapy is typically initiated within 2-4 weeks.


What happens at our initial meeting?
During the initial meeting, you will meet with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst to discuss specific goals, areas of concerns, and overall treatment planning.
What insurance companies are you paneled with?
Behavior Solutions is paneled in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Blue Care Network, and Priority Health.
Will I incur any out-of-pocket expenses?
Each individual’s insurance coverage is different. It is your responsibility to communicate with your insurance provider to verify benefits and coverage. We specifically recommend inquiring about; co-insurance, co-payments, deductibles, and limits on service provisions.
How long is an authorization period?
Typically, an authorization for provision of ABA services lasts for six months. Each individual’s insurance coverage is different and it is your responsibility to communicate with your insurance provider to verify benefits and coverage’s.
Can services be re-authorized?
Yes. A re-authorization report and request for additional services can be submitted to your insurance provider.
Where can I have my child evaluated?
Most insurance companies require that a child has received an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnosis from a licensed psychologist or from an Approved Autism Evaluation Center (AAEC) within the past 3 years. Specifics on where to go for an evaluation in the Grand Rapids area are listed on our resources page.
Is there a specific age range that you provide services for?
Services are available for children and adolescents age 2-17.
Where does Behavior Solutions provide services?
Home-based ABA services are available within a 30-mile radius of metro Grand Rapids, MI.
What goals are addressed during therapy sessions?
An individualized treatment plan and curriculum will be developed for your child. Therapy sessions will target social, communication, adaptive, and behavioral goals.
What hours are available for home-based tutoring?
Behavior Solutions is very flexible with each family’s schedule. Tutoring hours are available in the mornings, afternoons, evenings, and weekends.
Can my child attend a center-based program and receive home-based services?
Behavior Solutions would be pleased to collaborate with other ABA service providers on behalf of your child. Because each individual’s insurance coverage is different, it is important to verify that your policy will support combined center and home-based services.
How many tutors will work with my child?
Typically 2-3 tutors are assigned to work with your child on a weekly basis. Varying tutors allows Behavior Solutions to monitor your child’s progress across individuals and promotes generalization of skills.
Where in my home will tutoring occur?
We recommend identifying a relatively quiet area in your home for tutoring to occur. It is helpful if you have a small table or work area that can be used during tutoring sessions. Based on your child’s individual goals, tutoring may occur throughout your home and community.
My child resides in two homes. Can therapy occur in both environments?
Yes. Your child’s tutoring schedule can be individually tailored to meet his/her needs.
What are the qualifications of the tutors working for Behavior Solutions?
All of Behavior Solution’s tutors hold Bachelor’s Degrees and have experience working with children with Autism. Most are pursuing or already hold master’s degrees in psychology, applied behavior analysis, or other relevant fields. Meet our staff here.
Can I request that specific tutors work with my child?
Your feedback regarding tutors is very important to us. Behavior Solutions welcomes feedback regarding the tutors that have been assigned to work with your child and will make every effort to accommodate your requests.
When will I be provided with my child's tutoring schedule?
Monthly tutoring schedules are provided to parents at the beginning of each month. Behavior Solutions encourages parents to submit any scheduling requests by the 15th of the month (for the following month).
What is your cancellation policy?
Behavior Solutions requests 24 hour notice in the event that a tutoring session needs to be cancelled. Behavior Solutions will make every attempt to provide you with adequate notice if a session needs to be cancelled due to tutor sickness or inclement weather.
What is your cold and flu policy?
Children and family members must be fever/symptom free for 24 hours before resuming tutoring sessions.
Do family members participate in tutoring sessions?
Behavior Solutions encourages parents, care-givers, and family members to observe and participate in therapy sessions. In addition, specific goals and programming may be developed to specifically target interactions with siblings, peers, and family members.
Is a parent or care giver required to be present during tutoring sessions?
Yes. Behavior Solutions requires that a parent or care giver be awake and immediately available during all tutoring sessions.
Can tutoring sessions occur in the community?
Yes. Behavior Solutions can address treatment goals within the context of your home and community. Tutoring sessions can include playing at parks, grocery shopping, play dates, dining at restaurants, attending sporting events, and other activities that have been historically problematic for you and your child.
Does Behavior Solutions offer any group activities?
Yes. Behavior Solutions hosts community group events 1-2 times each month. Group activities provide wonderful opportunities for children to interact with peers, access their communities, and generalize skills targeted during therapy sessions. View our services.